Option A

4- carnival games

4 - carnival booth

4hr rental

$600 + delivery and cleaning fee

Option B

Carnival booth with game (minimum of 3 game rental to deliver)

3hr rental

$150 (each game)+delivery and cleaning fee.

Option C

Carnival games only - (4 games included in package)

3hr rental

$400 + delivery and cleaning fee.


Hire some attendants to run your games and pass out any prizes. Please make sure to hire enough attendants.


We have a couple of set ups for prizes. Choose the one that better suits your event.

  1. Each booth hands out a prize when kid wins, (we would have to get enough prizes for the event size)
  2. We give the kid a wrist band and they could play as many times as they want. At the end of the event we give all kids a gift bag with treats and prizes.
  3. We set up a table with prizes and each game booth hands out tickets. One ticket if kid doesn’t win. 3 tickets if they win. At the end the kid turns in tickets for prizes.

Concessions Rental

Add more fun to your carnival event or any kind of event you might have by adding some concession stand. Includes delivery, set up and pick up. On order $150 and up. Delivery 20 miles from Arcadia Ca. Additional mileage fee may apply.

Popcorn Machine

$75 - This table top popcorn machine comes with 50 serving. It includes 5 pack of popcorn, 50 bags, and a scooper. Additional servings are available.

Cotton Candy Machine

$75 - Let us add some sugar to your next party, with our popular Cotton Candy Machine! This table top Cotton Candy Machine comes with 50 serving. It includes two 1/2 gallon of Pink Strawberry and Raspberry Blue. Also includes 50 Cotton Candy sticks. Additional servings are available

Snow Cone Machine

$75 - What better way to cool down from the summer heat then having a Snow Cone. This Snow Cone cart is 54 inches tall and comes with 50 servings. It includes 2 bottles of 32 oz syrup, one Blue Raspberry and one Cherry, 50 snow cones and scoopers. We do not provide the ice. Additional servings are available.

Please note that there is a $100 replacement fee for equipment that is lost or damage. Fee is added to invoice and refund when equipment is pick up or return.