Option A

5- carnival games

4 - carnival booth

1 - popcorn machine (or choice of giant jenga or connect 4) popcorn machine includes popcorn for 50 people.

2 - 6ft table

4hr rental

$500+delivery and cleaning fee

Option B

Carnival booth with game (minimum is 3 game)

3hr rental

$120+delivery and cleaning fee.

Option C

Carnival games only - (5 games included in package)

3hr rental

$300+delivery and cleaning fee.


Hire some attendants to run your games and pass out any prizes. Please make sure to hire enough attendants.


We have a couple of set ups for prizes. Choose the one that better suits your event.

  1. Each booth hands out a prize when kid wins, (we would have to get enough prizes for the event size)
  2. We give the kid a wrist band and they could play as many times as they want. At the end of the event we give all kids a gift bag with treats and prizes.
  3. We set up a table with prizes and each game booth hands out tickets. One ticket if kid doesn’t win. 3 tickets if they win. At the end the kid turns in tickets for prizes.